Onkyo LS-T30 2.1

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Onkyo LS-T30 soundbarSíkképcsöves, TV-készülékek állványaként is használható komplett 2.1 csatornás hangsugárzó rendszer4 beépített teljessávú 6,5 cm-es hangszóróval16 cm-es, lefele sugárzó, digitális erősítővel egybeépített aktív mélynyomóval, digitális és 3,5 mm-es sztereó jack analóg audió bemenettel, Bluetooth csatolóval. 2 x 12,5 W + 1 c 25 W erősítő teljesítmény. A legtöbb ismert TV-készülék távvezérlőjével távvezérelhető.  Technical Details

  • Precision Speaker System with Four Drivers and Powerful Subwoofer

  • Advanced Digital Amplification for Clear and Dynamic Sound

  • Four Optimized Sound Modes (Surround/Stereo/Voice/Standard)

  • Features DTS Studio Sound Technology

  • Dolby® Digital Decoding from Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and HDTV Broadcast

  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming Technology (Version 2.1 + EDR)

  • Easy System Control with TV Remote (Auto Power On with TV, Volume Control)*

  • Quick and Easy Single-Cable TV Connection(Digital Optical/Coaxial or Analog)

  • Designed for Big-Screen TVs up to 70 Inches or 60 kg

  • Strong and Solid MDF Construction with High Quality Finish

  • Stylish Low-Profile Design with Wide Sound Dispersion

  • Stereo Mode Equalization for Clear, Full-Bodied Music Reproduction

  • Simple and Intuitive Operation for People of All Ages

  • Optical Cable and 3.5 mm Stereo Mini Plug Included


*The LS-T30 is preprogrammed with IR codes for nine major TV brands, including Funai, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and Vizio, with learning capability for other TV brands.


  • Digital Audio Input (Optical/Coaxial)

  • Analog Audio Input (3.5 mm) for Smartphones/

  • Media Players



  • Full-Range Precision Drivers (x4)

  • Down-Firing 16 cm Subwoofer

  • Handy Status LEDs for Easy Operation

  • Remote Controller and Batteries

  • Auto Standby Function

   Bringing Dynamic Sound to Your TV Entertainment

Onkyo has been crafting high-quality audio equipment for over 65 years, and the benefit of its experience is obvious the moment you switch on the LS-T30. Powerful digital amplification drives four custom full-range drivers, while a large 16 cm subwoofer (which is an optimized version of the driver used in Onkyo’s HT-S4505 home cinema package) provides deep, powerful, and controlled bass. Audio leaps from the center of your screen and fills the room, restoring impact and excitement to your home entertainment.


The Space-Saving Home Cinema

The LS-T30 is the ultimate way to bring expansive sound to areas where space is at a premium. Just place it underneath your widescreen TV, connect a single digital cable, and get ready to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and music with full-bodied Onkyo sound.


Easy Operation with Your TV Remote

The LS-T30 comes preprogrammed with IR codes for nine major TV brands. This means you can use your TV remote to control the unit right out of the box. It switches on automatically with your television and responds to TV remote volume commands. Other functions are handled via the supplied remote, but for everyday use, the LS-T30 is set-and-forget, seamlessly replacing flat-screen sound with immersive TV audio.


Convenient Installation and Operation

Setup and operation couldn’t be easier for people of all ages and experience levels. Just connect the included cable to your TV’s digital output, select a sound mode using the remote, sit back, and enjoy. No complex menus, no confusing settings, and fewer button pushes to really great sound.


Designed to Support Large TVs

Constructed from solid MDF—a material commonly used to make top-quality Hi-Fi speakers—the cabinet is designed to support displays of up to 60 kg and 70 inches. A generous 36 cm of depth easily accommodates large TV stands, and at almost a meter in width, the LS-T30 projects audio deep and wide into your room.


Stream Music from Mobiles with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR capability, you can wirelessly stream almost any audio from PC, mobile, or tablet to your LS-T30. Pairing takes just moments and you can hear everything from albums on Spotify to your local MP3 library with clear and vibrant stereo sound. Versatile and convenient, Bluetooth audio streaming adds a new dimension to your LS-T30 TV Speaker System.


Compatible with Dolby® Digital

Dolby Digital is a high-quality audio format commonly encoded on DVDs and in HDTV broadcasts. Compatible TVs can pass Dolby Digital audio through to the LS-T30 for detailed and immersive 48 kHz playback enhanced even further with your choice of DSP sound mode.


Four Optimized DTS Studio Sound Modes

The LS-T30 uses DTS Studio Sound DSP modes specially optimized by Onkyo to extract the best possible audio performance from different programs. These include:

Stereo Mode

Frequency response is optimized to make music enveloping and natural in your listening space. Bass is smooth and rich, mid-range clear and spacious, and the soundstage wide and enveloping. It’s an energetic and enjoyable listen that brings out the best in all kinds of music.

Surround Sound Mode

Customized DSP technology produces a convincing surround effect for movies, TV programs, and games. Dialog floats in the center of the image while directional effects are precisely positioned around you, wrapping you deeper into your favorite programs.

Voice Mode

This mode elevates dialog clarity while maintaining a smooth and balanced response for voice-focused programs such as documentaries, sitcoms, news, and current affairs. Advanced algorithms pick out and enhance dialog from complex background audio information.

Standard Mode

Some listeners prefer a neutral sound. Onkyo includes a Standard Mode that applies minimal DSP correction for balanced and natural performance from a range of media.     Így is ismerheti: LS T 30 2 1, LST3021, LS T30 2.1, LS-T3021, LS-T30 2. 1
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